Prime Burger

5 E 51st St
New York 10022

The original plan was to check out Burger Heaven on 49th and Madison, instead so how we were differed to Prime burger on 51st between 5th and Madison. The word is that this is a favorite spot for Sarah Jessica Parker, so you Sex In The City fans, you know where to go. When you first walk in, you might be in a slight state of shock. This is not a trendy little joint; it is like an old hole in the wall diner. One of the most interesting aspects of the place is the seating in the front. It is almost like sitting in the exit row of an airplane; an individual table that traps you in. We missed out on the opportunity to sit there, but next time! The staff may initially come off extremely rude, but that is just the opposite. Since the place is called Prime Burger, there was no choice but to have a burger, and so I did with a mushroom burger. The service was out of this world quick, just the way you like it for lunch. The burgers came out within 5 minutes all cooked to each individuals liking. The one downfall to the place is the size of the burgers, I would say they are slightly larger then a regular McDonalds burger, but far better in taste. If you have an appetite, not to worry since they do have a “deluxe” which includes 2 burgers and a side of fries. To top off our meal it was a friend’s birthday and the staff came out and sang a nice upbeat version of happy birthday. A little excerpt “I don’t know but I’ve been told; somebody is getting old….” If that does not bring a smile to your face I have no idea what will.

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