Peking Duck House

236 E 53rd St
New York 10022

There is no way other way to put it, if you enjoy Peking duck, then Peking Duck House is the place to go. It is advisable to go with a group of people who actually enjoy duck, this will probably work out the best. There are a couple of duck meals, which are for groups of 4 or more. I did not have the opportunity to try the meals, instead I just went for an order of Peking Duck, which was a nice size portion, the waiter suggested it for 2 people. They actually bring the duck out and carve it at your table, and then the server each made our first helping. Too bad the server was not around to constantly make us the duck rolls. In addition to the duck we also had a fried whole fish. I did not order too much, but for the 3 of us that went for dinner, it was more then sufficient. Before our meal we did start off two appetizers, which hit the spot. We had an order of the Barbeque beef and one order of the vegetable steamed dumplings. I really enjoyed the complete meal and service at Peking Duck House and can not wait to go back.

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