177 Prince St
New York 10012

Since Peep is located in SoHo, you can expect it to have an interesting setup and it sure did. From outside you see a lot of pink and neon. I was meeting a large group for dinner so I went in and proceeded to our table. We were seated at a bar type table with backless bar stools. The stools were definitely interesting, a bit uncomfortable, but it was the worst part of the night so I can’t complain about it. A bunch of the people at our table went for the Lychee Mojito and was all up in arms over it, I stuck with a conventional Singha. For an appetizer I had the calamari which was served with a wasabi sauce. Now I could be wrong about this, but the sauce was excellent. As you tell this was one of those meals I wasn’t paying too much attention I was just having a good time. Now I would like to give a special shout to the waiter who actually hopped on the bar to make sure he got a good picture of our group KUDOS! Back to the food, I had to go for the rib eye as my entree, with potatoes. Naturally I didn’t touch the potatoes, but the steak WOW! It was not a large portion but just right. And to top off the meal I had the green tea cheesecake! As for a notable mention, the bathroom, yeah the bathroom has a see through mirror, so you can be in the toilet doing your business and stare out at those eating. Kind of voyeuristic ;-) . I enjoyed this place, now I may not be back anytime soon but this is a place I will be recommending to others as well as you!

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