Patsy’s Pizza

509 Third Ave
b/w 34th and 35th St
New York, NY 10016

The recent trend is New York has been rolling towards the thin gourmet style pizza. You might remember my previous review of Sac’s in Astoria, which has a similar style pizza. This time I made a visit to Patsy’s located in Murray Hill. Unlike Sac’s I actually dined in so the experience was a little different. I went on a Sunday night and the place was pretty packed, I guess that is what you can expect any night in Manhattan. Patsy’s does have a small wine menu for those who appreciate a little wine with their meal. I went with a Pinot Noir, unfortunately, I do not remember the details of the wine, but I did enjoy it. And now on to the pizza, we ordered a large margherita pizza pie. I dined with a friend and the two of us were able to polish off the pie without a problem. Overall, it was a great meal and the service was pretty quick. You can add Patsy’s to the list of the very few places I will eat pizza.

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