Obi Sushi

1771 Library Street
Reston, VA 20190

I love sushi so one day after work, it just seemed like a great idea to check out Obi Sushi which was located across the street from my office. To start with we went with a bottle of Hakushika Chokara sake. It was a nice dry sake, which we really enjoyed with our sushi. As for the meal I had to go with my normal of a sushi dinner. Obi’s Sushi Dinner has two options each came with 6 pieces of a California Roll, but one came with 2 pieces of 3 different fishes while the second has 6 different pieces. What did I get? Of course the 6 different pieces.. more the merrier, plus this option came with octopus! I would say the sushi was good, but not the best I have had. I have heard they have a sushi buffet for lunch which sounds interesting so I might make a trip to check that out next time I am in Reston.

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