138 W 46th St
New York 10036
Between 6th & 7th Ave

Well finally back in NY, and wouldn’t you know it, I really do not know where to get lunch by my office. A friend suggested we meet at Minar which works well since it is not to far from the office. When it comes to lunch my requirements are usually quick, good and cheap. Minar fits this description perfectly. It is a fast food style Indian restaurant; being Indian myself I have to say the food was excellent. I ordered Chicken Makhani w/ Rice and a samosa and bill came to slightly over $6. The Chicken Makhani was not as creamy as most places make it, which made it perfect for a lunch meal. The samosa was not to oily or spicy, again plus points when it comes to lunch. Overall it was a great lunch experience, and as long as I am in NY, I will definitely visit Minar again.

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