219 Glen Cove Rd,
Carle Place, NY 11514

So we have our first stop on Long Island, New York. Being that I spend a good portion of my life on Long Island, I felt it was finally time to add it to my list. One issue with Long Island is that it is overly populated with chains, which I tend not to review since every location can be different. With that said my first stop for this listing is Minado located on Glen Cove road in Carle Place. Minado is nothing like the run in the mill Asian buffets. First of they have an excellent sushi buffet, and since this place draws a decent crowd there is a high turnover for the sushi yielding fresh sushi. If sushi is not your thing then there are many other choices. During the dinner buffet you will find a greater selection of seafood then during lunch, good reasoning for the higher cost for the dinner buffet. I often go for the Sunday lunch and just go crazy over their beef teriyaki. There are also many different salads to choose from, soups, and even crepes! If you go during dinner make sure to get the green tea ice cream, it was at Minado where I first had green tea ice cream and was instantly addicted. Just before when going for lunch, as they do close during the day and the kitchen stops 30 minutes before they close, so come earlier to get fresh food.

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