Mama Mexico

2672 Broadway
New York, NY 10025
At 102nd Street

You can say I sort of stumbled upon Mama Mexico. The original plan for the Saturday afternoon was to eat at a restaurant located on the Upper West Side, which turned out to be closed once we arrived. As I was driving along I spotted Mama Mexico and figured .. hey I could go for enchiladas so I found parking and headed in. Off the bat, this place was pretty massive for a NYC restaurant, and the staff is there to serve you and that they do. As we sat down the first thing we were asked is we were interested in guacamole, which was made fresh on our table. We did not even get menus but we were munching on chips, salsa and guacamole. Along with the chips we requested a pitcher of red sangria, which yielded about 8 flute glasses and hit each of us pretty well. Due to the guacamole that I really enjoyed I felt there was no need for appetizers and went straight to the entree, their triple enchilada special; one chicken, shrimp and fillet mignon. The chicken enchilada was the weak link of the dish, when I go back I will avoid the chicken enchiladas. It was not horrible just did not compare to the fillet mignon and shrimp which were both juicy and flavorful. The service at Mama Mexico definitely put a smile on my face; from the second we sat down the waiter was always keeping an eye on us seeing if we needed anything. The rest of the staff always made sure our drinks were refilled, table were clean of empty dishes. One thing that did scare me was the guy playing the guitar who decided to sneak up on us and started to serenade us, it was a little out of the blue, but entertaining.

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