Lounge 47

47-10 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City, NY 11101

I was taken to Lounge 47 and told it was rated best burger in NYC, and could possibly compete with the neighboring Creek and the Cave’s Veracruz burger. I sat down and ordered Lounge 47′s special Allen’s Hard Lemonade. It is their own version of what tasted like a Lynchburg Lemonade, which was so great I took it down in one sip, and followed it with a Brooklyn Lager. Since I was told the burgers were so great, it would only be fitting I order one, as so I did with sauteed onions on top. The burger came with a chipotle mayo and fries. At first glance my medium burger seemed extra well done, but after my first bite, it was much of a surprise. The burger was juicy and cooked exactly as I like them. The burger was nicely spiced and I will say it does give the Veracruz burger a run for its money. We also had the pork tacos, which were good, but just a little dry, they could have used some sort of little kick. For those of you in Long Island City, you sure have some great selections when it comes to burgers, so enjoy!

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