Lobster House

691 Bridge Street
Bronx, NY

In my 20+ years of living in New York, I have actually never gone out for a meal in Bronx, and even worse, is that I had never been to City Island, which I have heard so much about. On a random Friday night, my friends and I decided to make the trip to City Island to feast at the Lobster House. A quick comment on the area; City Island is a seafood lovers dream, with the amount of restaurants and proximity to the water you know you are going to get some of the best seafood available. Here are some other City Island Restaurants.
The Lobster House itself was huge, we got there on a Friday night around 830pm and were seated immediately. The greatest aspect of the Lobster House is that they have a bunch of seafood feasts, which are meant to be shared between two people. A friend and I decided to share a feast consisting of Lobster, King Crab, Dungeoness Crabs and Jumbo Shrimps. Their feasts are definitely made for two, as we got 2 lobsters, 2 sets of each crab and 4 jumbo shrimps. The meal also came with a salad, side dish (fries, baked potato, rice or linguine) and corn. At $75 for the dish this is not a bad deal at all for the amount of food we got. A friend of mine got the paella, which included chicken, sausage and a lobster. It looked real interesting, perhaps next time I will give it a try. We did end off the meal with their Tiramisu cake. The cake was one of the softest tiramisu cakes I have had and was a great way to end of the meal. I can not wait to go back to Lobster House.

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