La Cocina

430 3rd Ave,
New York 10016

Many Mexican places claim to use the freshest ingredients, but La Cocina delivers. For the vegetarians they actually have a little note that states they use olive oil and blah blah blah, so all you veggies out there you can feel safe going here, nothing dead in your meal except well that once living piece of lettuce. Well when I initially walk into any Mexican establishment, the first thing that comes to my head is alcohol, margaritas, tequila yipee! With that said to accompany my meal I ordered a frozen lime margarita. For appetizers they had a mushroom and spinach quesadilla special. Now if you do not like too much spinach be wary but if you have no problem with spinach this dish is a delight. As for an entree, I went simple and got the enchiladas, it was just what I was in the mood for. They give you a choice of pork, chicken, beef and veggies. The waiter said the pork is not good so I felt it would be best to take his advice so I went for the beef. The dish was nicely spiced and the even the beef had extra kick to it. The enchilada came served with rice and beans, sorry folks I stayed far away from the re-fried beans, but the rice was great. Besides the food the ambiance is great, the tables were interesting, I could describe them but I would rather have you go there to check it out.

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