Korean Grill House

214 Queen St W.
Toronto, ON


Korean Grill House is not your normal buffet. You do not need to continuously get up to get your food, but do not worry like any buffet there is some manual labor involved. You cook the food! That’s right you pick the buffet type you would like and they bring out the food raw and allow you to cook it yourself. My buffet consisted of chicken, beef ribs, beef, pork, white fish, salmon and scallops. I think I enjoyed the process of cooking the food over actually eating it. I am not saying the food was not good, it was just being able to cook the food yourself, which lead to a great deal of stupidity in my group. The meal came with rice, kim chee, spicy tofu and other common Korean snackers. I stuck with the meats, and my personal favorite was the beef ribs. The white fish lacked any sort of flavor, so needless to say we did not eat too much of it. Korean Grill House is the first of its kind and I just enjoyed it too much. If you know of a place like this around NYC, maybe KTown please email me and let me know!

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