46 W Old Country Rd
Hicksville, NY 11801

I have been dining at Jaiya for many years. Originally Jaiya was located in Elmhurst, Queens, but recently they moved their Elmhurst location to Hicksville, Long Island. I also know there is one located on 3rd Ave between 28th and 29th Street in Manhattan, I have never personally dined there, but I have been told by many that they share the same quality. Thai has recently become a huge trend, but through time Jaiya has always stood out as a unique Thai restaurant. The first think you will notice you will not find the typical names on the menu, this might make it hard to order if you stick with the typical Thai dishes such as Pad Thai. Do not worry though, Pad Thai is there just called Thai Style Noodles. My recommendation is to start every meal with one of their Spicy Thai Style soups (Shrimp, Fish, Chicken or Pork), which are served in a flaming pot. Be careful though, this can be extremely spicy, my general rule is to order everything mild there. As for entrees, I have felt you can not go wrong with anything at Jaiya, but a favorite of mine has been the whole fish platter they have, known as the Jaiya special fish. When going to Jaiya, go for the food, the decor is nothing special, but that is not the reason you are there.

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