835 Washington St
New York 10014

It has been a while since I have been over to the Meat Packing district, I am not sure why guess I just never liked lines which is what kept me away. This trip though was not for a club, instead it was to dine at Highline. To be honest I did not know that restaurants had opened up in area, I knew there were alot East of 9th ave, but west of 9th ave no clue. And on to Highline. I guess the new style is trendy thai restaurants and this place fits the mold. Dim lights, hoping bar, and an exotic menu. Personally, I am fed up with the typical, red, green, orange, purple, fucia curries, they all taste the same just with a different food coloring! Now when I visit a Thai restauant I try to have something different, something that might make a restaurant stand out in my mind, and Highline had a sirloin steak, which was just what I wanted that night. The steak itself was slightly on a dry side, but was covered with a excellent peanut sauce, which did manage to make up for the slight dryness. Someone in our group did order the striped bass,which was simlply amazing, I think I need to make a trip back for the bass! We did have some appetizers; we ordered chicken Satay and a seafood dumpling type thing. The satay was good, but just that good! As for the seafood thing, which I have no idea what to call it exactly, has crapmeat stuffed into what looked like a fried dumpling. The presentation was A+ and the taste was even better! You will definetly have to find this on the menu! Finally to top it all off, as I got the dessert menu the first item on the menu stood out at me and that is what I ordered a smore chocolate cake! I can only say its was YUMMY! Thats right I used the term yummy! Overall, I was impressed with this place and think it might a great date spot.

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