Heaven on Seven

600 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60601

First things first when you walk into Heaven on Seven you will notice a plethora of hot sauces along the walls, just a great setup for an exciting dinner. We started off with a couple of appetizer sampler plates. I am not really sure what was in the sampler, since most of it was fried. The items that stuck out were the friend corn muffin and ribs. The ribs were both meaty and juicy and tasted great own their own and with some over the various hot sauces. For my entree after looking over the menu about ten times, I went with the cajun surf and turf. It was a shrimp and beef cubes served over a bed of rice with a brown sauce. Every entree comes with a choice of soup, salad or gumbo. I had to try the gumbo, and for being my first time, I have to say I liked it a lot. Getting back to the entree itself, the beef was slightly over cooked for me, but the shrimps and sauce had a really exciting taste. I did have to add some hot sauce, mostly because there were so many options I wanted to taste them all. The dish was quite large, I did finsih all the pieces of beef and shrimp but left most of the rice. As for the hot sauces, there was a Trinidad hot sauce, which was my favorite. I just keep eating it with bread. For the spicest there was a green sauce, that had quite a kick to it. To bad I do not really remember the name. If you go, guess you have to try all the green ones til you figure it out.

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