Hampton Chutney Co.

464 Amsterdam Ave, 82nd St.
New York, NY

First off, I want to start by saying that there are 3 locations for Hampton Chutney Co., I listed the Upper West Side location because I wanted to give some love to the Upper West Side. Hampton Chutney Co. predominantly sells Dosa and Uttapas (South India Food). I personally enjoy their dosas because it is not greasy like a traditional dosa, and they have an interesting variety of dosas. If you are looking for your typical masala dosa with samber this is definitely not your spot. Granted you will still find it here. Every dosa is served with one of their chutneys, Cilantro, Curry, Mango, Tomato, Peanut or Pumpkin. I have eaten at both the SOHO and West Side location and both have been identical in their excellent quality. Visit their website to get their SOHO or Hampton location as well as read their history.

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