Grand Luxe Cafe

630 Old Country Road
Garden City, NY 11530

From the owners of The Cheesecake Factory comes Grand Luxe Cafe initially started in Vegas now brought to Long Island. Perhaps at first view this place feels like it is out of place located in the Roosevelt Field Mall, but if you go in you will be glad it is around. Grand Luxe Cafe offers indoor as well as an European like outdoor dining. I really appreciated the decor here, and it definitely feels like it has been grabbed from Vegas. When the waitress first approached us, she mentioned their portions were “generous”, so I skipped out on the appetizers, I wanted to save room for dessert. As my entree I ordered the Shrimp and chicken jambalaya, it was one of my favorite dishes at Cheesecake, so I wanted to give it a try here. It was served over rice, and had a pork based sauce. Since I skipped on the rice I was able to finish all the shrimp and chicken. While I was ordering my meal I also ordered dessert…yes at the same time, this is because they had fresh baked desserts that take 30 minutes to prepare. I ordered an upside down pineapple cake.. and wow 30 minutes, fresh baked, what else can I say it was amazing! This is one of the reasons I actually listed this place under desserts, since I can see myself going just for their fresh baked desserts.

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