Fred Fleming’s BBQ

4351 4th St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL

There is nothing like southern BBQ so while in Florida I had to visit one of the many BBQ spots, which is how we came across Fred Fleming’s. We stepped in on a hot Saturday afternoon and there was absolutely no one there, which made me slightly worried. Needless to say we had enough waiters to take care of us. First off beers at this place were about $1 to $2, so be careful, a simple lunch could turn into a binge fest. The waiter told us to go for the onion rings as an appetizer and we did and wow was it a great recommendation. It with a sauce that tasted like a mix of horseradish and thousand island, which I kept for my fries later on. Since I was at a BBQ place, I had to go for the Ribs, I went with a 1/2 rack since it was lunch. They have 2 BBQ Sauces, one was sweet and the other spicy, of course I went with the spicy sauce and just could not get enough of it. As for the ribs the meat was just falling of the bones, I don’t think I have ever had softer meat with ribs. It was great to find such great BBQ so easily in Florida.

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