Euro Delight

Broadway and 32nd St
Astoria, NY

With my one year in Astoria coming to an end, I decided to add a place which has been the spot for many of my Sunday brunches. Euro Delight is a small typical restaurant you will find around Astoria, especially on Broadway, so be vary of going with a large group. I really can not speak for more then the crepes at Euro delight but every single type of crepe I have had there has been amazing. Sweet or Savory they have all hit the spot on a Sunday afternoon. I can not pick a favorite crepe especially since every time I go I will make sure to try something different, but I do recommend the breakfast crepes, which are made on whole wheat. You can also customize any crepe to your needs, so the options at this place are endless. I have only been there for Sunday brunch, but they are open whole day and you can order crepes any time of the day. There are also salads, paninis and various other sandwhichs on the menu but as I previously mentioned there is more to the menu then crepes, but I have never even thought about anything else, and why would I?

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