East LA

508 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ
Phone: (201) 798-0052

Being more of an outerb kind of guy I have never went to the other side of Manhattan into Hoboken, but now the time has come. On a side note I have to say I did like the area, clean and seems like a fun place to have a relaxing night out. As a friend and I were walking down Washington we came across East LA which seemed interesting, and well to be honest I was in the mood for Mexican food, so this place worked out well. I was impressed with their selection of Margaritas, specifically the Sangria maragarita. Never had one before and I really enjoyed this one. For my meal, after tossing back and forth with the enchilladas, but I went the Camarones Sotovento, a dish of shrimps served over rice. This place was pretty crowded and we got a seat outside, so I did not realize that it took about 25 minutes for the food to come out. The dish itself was pretty good, I am actually glad I did not just get enchilladas, it was something different. I do not think I will ever come back, since there are some many other places to check out in the nabe, but I would tell my friends about East LA. It even seemed like a fun place to just go and grab some drinks in the evening.

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