Dehli Palace

37-33 74th St
Jackson Height, NY 11372
(718) 507-0666

If you are looking for Indian food in New York, Jackson Heights is your spot. Many will tell you that Jackson Diner is the place to go, but I have always and will continue to hype up Dehli Palace. Normally, I will end up at Dehli Palace when I am in the mood for their buffet, which I would say is one of the best and most unique buffets you will find in an Indian restaurant. During my last visit they had shrimp biryani, something I have never seen anywhere, which was outstanding. Every time I go to Delhi Palace, there seems to be something different on the menu; so it leaves some sort of an element of surprise. From their menu, there has been one item I have loved since I was a kid and that is their Keema (minced chicken/lamb) Dosa. Growing up it was a favorite and that is one thing that will never change.

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