Dao Thai

230 E Ohio
Chicago, IL, 60611

Tonight I decided venture out to a Thai place I found on the IDine (RewardsNetwork) Website. As I entered I appreciated the appearance as it was something different. They have an interesting setup for seating which I wish I could describe it in writing but ehh, it is difficult to put into words. For the meal I ordered the Chicken and Beef Satay appetizer and Chicken Pad Ped (Hot Fried Curry Chicken). It was at this moment the horrible service began. The waitress that took the order came out with a tray of food and asked ME what I had ordered. My appetizer was not even out but she was trying to push off the main meal on me. The food itself was bland for Thai food and didn’t spark any interest to me at all. The horrible service continued through the meal. They never offered me another beer, not like I REALLY needed nor wanted one but hey it never hurts to ask. Finally when I got my check the waitress forgot to give me a pen to sign the bill! If you can I say avoid it, go to the Burrito Beach at the Corner or if you are looking for a good meal check out Emilio’s Tapas which is across the street. I will review Emilio’s later.

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