Dan Marino’s

121 Second Street North,
St Petersburg FL 33133

I am not sure if you would consider Dan Marino’s a theme restaurant or not. There were screens showing SportsCenter and some Marino Memorabilia around, but it did not give the overwhelming theme feeling like other places. I went on a late Friday night around 10pm and there was no line, which made was great since I was starving! I was actually pretty boring when it came to the drinks this time as I stuck with a simple Corona, although there was an interesting drink menu few unique martinis. Too start off with, we ordered the Buffalo Chicken Fingers and Spinach dip; you might be thinking so far this place sounds like Applebee’s, but rest assure the entrees are the highlight at Dan Marino’s. There is something to choose from in the entrees in various price ranges, which is always a plus. After much deliberation I went with the waitress’ recommendation of the Mahi-Mahi Oscar. On a side note, Mahi-Mahi is NOT related to the mammal dolphin although it is often referred to as dolphin. Back on point dish just sounds fun, and it was amazing as I left nothing on the plate. It came served over rice with asparagus, I cleaned it all. At the end I was full but not stuffed, very content with the whole meal. There are couple other locations, which I hope to visit in my travels.

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