232 East 58th St.
New York, NY 10022

Buffets and Indian food seem to go hand in hand, so what does it take to stand out from the many Indian buffets available not only in NYC, but in the rest of the country? Chola seems to have found the trick. In addition to the traditional table of dishes, Chola serves various fresh dishes at your table. During my visit they started us off with Uttapam, followed by a Dosa and various chaats. After picking at these dishes it was time to hit the buffet itself. There was a great deal of selections Pani Puri, Chicken Mahkni, Lamb Curry, Mixed Chicken Grill, Pumpkin Masala, Palak Paneer, Iddly, Ucmah, Chicken Birayani, and couple other dishes. The downfall and the only reason I did not give this place 2 thumbs up is because I felt their non-veg dishes were not that special. The vegetarian plates were excellent, and I would definitely recommend this place to someone looking for a vegetarian place to dine. The Chicken Mahkni was hard, lamb was dry, and mixed grill cold. Yet this should not be a show stopper. When visiting Chola during the buffet my suggestion is go for the vegetarian food. I am not sure of their Ala Carte service, perhaps I will try to visit them for dinner one night.

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