Chicago Chop House

60 West Ontario
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Phone: (312) 787-7100

Chicago is known for its steak houses, and after reading many reviews I felt it was time to check out the steak house which has some of the best reviews. Chicago Chop House is an upscale establishment, so if you visit you will want to look neat to at least fit in with the crowd. Their menu highlights their New York Strip as voted the best in Chicago. With that said I decided to have the 16oz New York Strip Medium, which is slightly over $30. Well as for the steak itself, I have to say this, I was not overly impressed. I have been to many different steak houses and Chicago Chop House just doesn’t sit up there with the savory steaks that makes you salivate weeks after you have eaten it. Finally I must say this much, reading all the rave reviews, maybe it was an off night, so I would suggest going (with an open mind) to form your own opinion.

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