Brooklyn Fish Camp

162 Fifth Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York 11217
P: 718.783.3264

I have never been a big fish eater, when it comes to seafood I usually go with anything else shrimps, lobster, scallops, clams, oysters etc. To start off I made a mistake I have made before at Sabor Tropical. I ordered the Brahma beer; some reason I didn’t remember that I did not enjoy it last time! Its a good thing I didn’t come here expecting beer. Enough of the beer talk and time for the food, as appetizers we ordered the New Zealand Cockles and Belize Conch Ceviche. I had no idea what to expect with both of these, but I did enjoy them. The sauce that the cockles were in was addicting and was perfectly complemented by the bread we were server. For the entree I went with the Bronzini whole fish grilled, which was a special. This is actually the first time I have had whole fish, so it was an experience. The meal was excellent, but next time I will ask for them if they can scale it for me. Besides the food being of quality, the staff was friendly and attentive making for a great overall dining experience.

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