Bohemian Hall (Astoria Beer Gardens)

29-19 24th Ave
Astoria, NY 11102

If you live around New York City, you have probably heard of the beer gardens in Astoria. Of course the main reason for going here was the beer, but its not the only reason. the beer gardens have possibly one of the best social settings in all of NYC in my opinion. It is basically a huge picnic area, with lots of beer. This place’s capacity is 900 people and STILL they manage to have lines, lucky for me I have always been able to avoid the lines. Every time I have visited the beer gardens I have stuck with getting pitchers of Hoegaarden. They are $14 each and will get you about 4 cups of beer. This year I saw they have added tv’s so I was able to catch the Mets beat the Diamondbacks last night as I sat back with my pitcher and a kilbasa. The point of this site has been food, so to get on topic; I have never ordered from their actual menu. It just seems convient to eat from their grill outside. The norm for me is the kilbasa, I always get it and it always tastes great so what else can I say. I see no reason to even try anything else. As a note there is a red sauce which compliments the kilbasa perfectly, make sure you get a lot of it. As for the last night I went it did rain a little so the place was not packed, once the rain cleared I realized a game of flip cups broke out! Now where can you go in all of NYC and get into a game of flip cups, outdoors while watching the Mets and eating a kilbasa?

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