Big Bowl

11915 Democracy Drive
Reston, VA 20190
(703) 787-8852

Big Bowl was the first of my stops while in Reston, VA. I visited Big Bowl for lunch on a nice afternoon and after seeing the crowd inside I decided I wouldn’t mind sitting outside. Unfortunately, their outdoor seating is hidden from the sun, so it was a tad on the cold side. I guess this is not totally their fault but it is something that sticks out in my mind from the meal. Big Bowl has a pomegranate ginger ale, it sounded so unique I had to order it, and I am glad I did. One of my problems with dining out has always been making a decision at places that have large menus, and this was the case at big bowl. After a bit of deliberation I settled on the Thai hot pepper shrimp with basil and peanuts from the “RED HOT MENU.” Now this was a sort of a disappointment, the food tasted great, but I had expectations of a spicy meal. Is it wrong to expect a meal with the term “hot pepper” in it off the “Red Hot Menu” to be spicy? Maybe it was just me setting my expectations to high, but I was looking forward to a spicy meal. Overall, it was a good meal just didn’t hit the mark.

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