Ben Pao

52 W. Illinois
Chicago, Il, 60610

Tonight I visited Ben Pao for the second time. I can definitely say this place is consistently great with their quality of food. Since the people I dined with did all the ordering, I am actually unsure as to what exactly was ordered, but it all tasted great. Their appetizers were amazing and the dishes were not spicy but extremely flavorful. All the dishes are served family style, and if you have a large enough crowd you can find yourself on a table with a Lazy Susan (is that what it’s called?). If you are as immature as I am, you can have a lot of fun messing with people as they attempt to get their food. In addition the menu is affordable with each dish ranging from $10 – $20. There is also a list of signature cocktails. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for Chinese food around the River North area.

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