Axia Restaurant and Bar

5045 Plantation Place
Mississauga, ON

Axia is a pretty new place, and I have to say there is a lot of room for improvement. This place does not have a liquor license “yet,” how do you name a place Restaurant and BAR but do not have a liquor license. I guess they want to push their expansive list of mock tails, which include various types of bubble tea. Yeah well, I stuck with water, which they conveniently forgot to bring out, but that’s not to important I guess. I started with a Beef Pho soup, which if you have ever had before you know is a huge portion. I did enjoy the soup and wish I had not ordered more food, so I could finish the soup. For our meal we ordered a chicken teriyaki, a spicy salmon roll and the Axia Special roll. The Axia Special roll consisted of salmon, shrimp tempura and asparagus I think. I can not remember exactly, but it had a unique and quite a great taste. This was by far the best part of the entire meal. The chicken teriyaki was OK, nothing to special and the spicy salmon roll, was good, definitely fresh fish. The service itself was not impressive at all. The waitress forgot to bring our water, forgot to bring out the 1 glass of juice we requested and even messed up the bill. In a little time I can see this place getting better, but for now go for the food not the overall experience.

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