146 Mulberry Street
New York City, NY 10013

If you want Italian in NYC, there is no other place to go then to Little Italy, and when there; Angelo’s is a personal favorite. Angelo’s is normally crowded every night of the week until they close and can draw large crowds. Due to the crowd, the servers can be a little rude, they are in a rush at times. At my last visit I really did not even get to order any drinks, but it is OK since I enjoy their food and that is the reason I was there. I ordered the Lobster Ravioli, which came out quite quickly and wow, did it hit the spot. Well the highlight of any meal for me at Angelo’s is dessert, I simply love their cannoli. The rumor is that they do not make them there, but get them from a pastry shop next door. I say who care it tastes awesome, which is all that is important to me! Since this meal was sort of rushed, I really do not have much more to say except, if you are looking for great Italian food, this is your spot, just be ready for minimum service.

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