Ali Baba

EDIT: Hicksville Location Closed Please Go to the Queens location below.

If you are asking, is this the same Ali Baba located in Queens, the answer is yes. Ali Baba in Queens¬†is my favorite places to get kebabs, and now they have one on Long Island, I could not be happier. I have had almost every kebab on their menu, but the lamb is always my kebab of choice. Don’t get me wrong all their kebabs are great, but the lamb is just so juicy, I can never get enough of it. I will say this much, I only eat the kebab platters, everything else just does not compare to the rice, salad, white sauce and kebabs. That’s right I said white sauce, do not forget to get extra as it is the perfect complement to everything. I do have something to say about the rest of the food, I went the other night with a friend and he ordered the Gyro, and it looked really fresh and not greasy at all.¬† After seeing my friend enjoy it, on a next visit I gave it a try, and it really surprised me how great it was. Looks like I will have to venture to other items on their menu in future visits.
I was searching for the Queens location and I realized this site came up so to aid those looking here is the address
183-10 Horace Harding Expressway,
Fresh Meadows, NY

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