53 Gourmet

1302 6th Ave,
New York 10019
53rd Between 6th and 7th

Being close to my office, 53 Gourmet is a deli I frequent visit. The orignal reason for going to this place, was that it was possible to eat something different everyday. Their selection is just uncanny, they have various salads, sandwichs, wraps, sushi, soups, hot buffet style, and more. From my many experiences, I can say their sandwichs are great, they are probably the best choice over the rest of the options. I strongly advise to stay away from the hot food, it has probably been some of the worst food I have ever eaten! The salads buffet is not bad at all, the food there actually feels fresh. The one issue with this deli, I guess its all NYC delis during lunch is that it can get real stressful during lunch at the sandwich bar. If you are one of those that like to sit back and take a look at the full menu, this might cause an issue as the staff is in such a rush. I think this is a great lunch spot but like I perviously mentioned just stay away from the hot food!

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