Lobster House

691 Bridge Street
Bronx, NY

In my 20+ years of living in New York, I have actually never gone out for a meal in Bronx, and even worse, is that I had never been to City Island, which I have heard so much about. On a random

Prime Burger

5 E 51st St
New York 10022

The original plan was to check out Burger Heaven on 49th and Madison, instead so how we were differed to Prime burger on 51st between 5th and Madison. The word is that this is a favorite spot for Sarah Jessica Parker, so

53 Gourmet

1302 6th Ave,
New York 10019
53rd Between 6th and 7th

Being close to my office, 53 Gourmet is a deli I frequent visit. The orignal reason for going to this place, was that it was possible to eat something different everyday. Their selection is just uncanny, they have various salads, sandwichs,

Serafina Broadway

210 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

The original plan for the night was to go to Divine Bar on 54th and Broadway, but once we arrived one of my fellow diners, felt there was not much he was interested in on the menu, so over to Serafina we

Anytime Cafe (CLOSED)

93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

I think its time to hand over the title of best burger in NYC. Honestly, I feel bad taking it away from Creek and The Cave, but Anytime Cafe just gives me no choice. It is easy to miss Anytime Cafe as it is surrounded