835 Washington St
New York 10014

It has been a while since I have been over to the Meat Packing district, I am not sure why guess I just never liked lines which is what kept me away. This trip though was not for a club, instead it was to dine at

Ali Baba

EDIT: Hicksville Location Closed Please Go to the Queens location below.

If you are asking, is this the same Ali Baba located in Queens, the answer is yes. Ali Baba in Queens is my favorite places to get kebabs, and now they have one on Long Island, I could not be happier. I have

Croxley’s Ale (International Ale House)

129 New Hyde Park Road
Franklin Square, NY

Croxley’s Ale has 3 locations in New York, 2 on Long Island and 1 in the East Village. I have been to the Long Island Locations many times and each time it has been a sure fire hit! This review is one

Axia Restaurant and Bar

5045 Plantation Place
Mississauga, ON

Axia is a pretty new place, and I have to say there is a lot of room for improvement. This place does not have a liquor license “yet,” how do you name a place Restaurant and BAR but do not have a liquor license. I guess they want

Korean Grill House

214 Queen St W.
Toronto, ON


Korean Grill House is not your normal buffet. You do not need to continuously get up to get your food, but do not worry like any buffet there is some manual labor involved. You cook the food! That’s right you pick the buffet type you would